Take the Only HANDS-ON Orthodontic Course Teaching
SELF-LIGATING Brackets & Clear Aligners to Non-Orthodontic Specialists!

Co-instructed by Dr. Jeffery Gerhardt, DDS and Dr. Steve Snodell, DDS, MS (Orthodontic Specialist). Each has 20+ years ortho experience!

Add $15,000+ to your monthly production

by starting just 3 orthodontic cases a month

Learn HANDS-ON using SELF-LIGATING brackets on real patients

At Orthodontic Teaching Institute

  • We'll teach you Orthodontics the right way. Not on models or by watching videos, but by treating actual patients.
  • We'll also teach you how easy it is to use Self-Ligating straight wire brackets, the bracket most Orthodontic Specialists are using.
  • And as a member of OTI, you'll receive valuable discounts from orthodontic and dental vendors, which by themselves could pay for our 10 session course.

Dr Gerhardt is a great teacher. He shows you all the details but can also simplify it and make it practical, so you feel confident taking your skills back to the office and incorporating Ortho into your practice. Every classmate I knew in his class started Ortho cases in their offices back home. That doesn’t happen with just any course. Dr Gerhardt is the real deal!

Anthony Gonzalez DDS

General Dentist Corpus Christi, TX

Orthodontic Courses


Stop referring out orthodontics and grow your practice!

If you are not treating orthodontic cases today, it's time to dramatically transform your practice by enrolling in our 10 Session Course using self-ligating brackets.

Bonus instruction on Clear Aligners also included in 10 Session Course.

  • Each 2 day session meets on Friday (lecture) and Saturday (patient clinic) every other month, for a total of 10 sessions.
  • You can EASILY recover the course tuition by completing just three or four orthodontic cases in your own practice.
  • You don't have to wait until you complete the course to start cases in your own practice -- your instructor provides complimentary mentoring on the cases you start in your practice during the course.

Your Dental assistants can learn orthodontic assisting techniques from us and our experienced orthodontic assistants by enrolling them in our Hands-On Orthodontic Dental Assistant Training Course.

If orthodontics is new to your front office, enroll them in our OrthodonticFront Office Training for 4 hours of training on orthodontic patient set up (via Zoom).

Want to know more about our hands-on course and how it could literally transform your practice, enroll in our five hour Introduction to Orthodontics using Self-ligating Brackets.

We offer 1 class per year, and our next class starts in September 2023. Register now, course size is limited and fills fast.


Why Choose Our Hands-On Orthodontic Course Using Self-ligating Brackets

  • Learn the same advanced self-ligating bracket system utilized by most orthodontic specialists.
  • Learn orthodontics like residents do -- by treating patients, NOT typodonts.
  • Learn how to competently treat orthodontic cases of varying difficulties, from minor tooth alignments, mixed dentition, to extraction cases.
  • Learn how TMJ and airway issues impact orthodontics and receive bonus lectures on minor tooth movement using clear aligners and other bracket systems.
  • Learn from experienced instructors Dr. Jeffery Gerhardt and Dr. Steve Snodell. Dr. Gerhardt has been teaching dentists – over 300 and counting -- how to confidently straighten teeth for over 20 years! Dr. Gerhardt is a general dentist but has a large, thriving orthodontic practice at his office. Dr. Snodell is an Orthodontic Specialist with 20+ years’ experience.
  • Learn strategies on how to successfully incorporate orthodontics into your practice to dramatically transform it.
  • Receive mentoring from Drs. Gerhardt and Snodell on orthodontic cases you start at your practice during the course.
  • With your enrollment, you become a member of the Institute and can start receiving valuable member discounts from participating orthodontic and dental vendors.

Dr. Alexander Ling outlines his orthodontic learning experience under Dr. Gerhardt’s teaching instruction.

  • You can optionally enroll your dental assistants in our 12 hour Hands-On Orthodontic Dental Assistant Training Course taught by Dr. Gerhardt and his experienced staff.
  • You can optionally enroll your front office staff in our Orthodontic Front Office Training to receive 4 hours of ortho patient set up training (via Zoom).
  • 18 month INTEREST-FREE FINANCING available through the Institute for the 10 Session tuition!

Orthodontic Teaching Institute,
helping dentists create beautiful smiles!


Advantages of Self-Ligating Brackets

Uses lighter forces than conventional ligating brackets to straighten teeth so patients are more comfortable [1]

In many cases, the overall treatment time is reduced by up to 4 months+ [2]

Unlike conventional ligating brackets, there are no rubber bands to trap food so braces are easier to clean and patients experience better oral hygiene [3]

Because there are no rubber bands to change, chair-side visits are shorter and the intervals between them can be longer [4]

Self-ligating brackets provide precise control of tooth movement, fast alignment, and defined space closure [5]

They are smaller in size, less noticeable, and patients may consider them more aesthetic

Used by most orthodontic specialists in their practice [6]

Meet your instructors

Jeffery Gerhardt, DDS

20+ years teaching hands-on orthodontics to dentists and over 300 trained and counting!

Confidently and competently learn orthodontics from Dr. Gerhardt using self-ligating brackets.


Steve Snodell, DDS, MS

Graduated from the University of Texas Health Science Center Dental School in San Antonio, and competed his ortho residency in 1991 from the University of Oklahoma and completed the Invisalign master's program.

He presently owns and operates Cedar Park Orthodontics in Cedar Park, TX.

Doctor Snodell

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