Hands-On Orthodontic Training In Self-Ligating Brackets And Clear Aligners For Non-Orthodontic Specialists

Instructed by Jeffery Gerhardt, DDS and Steve Snodell, DDS, MS (Orthodontic Specialist)

Why Orthodontic Teaching Institute?

The OTI orthodontic instructors possess more than twenty-five years’ experience in orthodontic treatment. They guide you in hands-on courses that prepare you for treating malocclusion in-office!

Group 172

Over 25 Years
of Experience

Course instructors draw from more than twenty-five years of experience in orthodontics to train non-orthodontic specialists through guided treatments of real patients.

Group 24

10 Session

A ten session course using self-ligating brackets and clear aligners gives you the experience and tools to provide proven solutions for malocclusion at your practice.


Increased Monthly

Add more than $15,000 in monthly production from in-house orthodontic work by starting just 3 cases per month. OTI members also receive access to special discounts from orthodontic and dental vendors that offer additional financial benefits!

Top Tier Expert Instructors

Jeffery Gerhardt, DDS
Orthodontic instructor for 25+ years

Steve Snodell, DDS, MS
Orthodontic Specialist with 25+ years experience

Khoi Nguyen, DDS
Orthodontic instructor plus digital & 3D printers

Jose Franco DDS, MS
Orthodontic Specialist & expert in Clear Aligners

At Orthodontic Teaching Institute

Orthodontic Teaching Institute provides dentists with direct, guided training on actual patients rather than depending on video instructions or practice models. Courses and direct training sessions are led by instructors with decades of experience in both orthodontic services and training for dental professionals. Over your ten-session program, you gain knowledge of and direct experience in correcting malocclusion using self-ligating brackets as well as bonus instruction in clear aligners! You can also enroll your dental assistants in our Hands-On Orthodontic Dental Assistant Training Course.

Our Results

What Our Members Say

“I took Dr. Gerhardt’s class from 2019-2021 and it changed the way I looked at dentistry….Dr. Gerhardt is a wonderful instructor and mentor and I’m happy to refer to him as a teacher to anyone interested in learning orthodontics”

Alexander Ling DDS

General Dentist Houston, TX
Orthodontic instruction

Current Courses

2022 – 2024

Enrollment closed – All slots filled

2023 – 2025

Enrollment closed – All slots filled

2024 – 2026

Course begins September 6-7, 2024

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