I took a 2 year tip edge course with Dr. Gerhardt and I learned very good orthodontics with patients at his clinic. He is always improving the way to treat orthodontic cases in an efficient and fast approach. I definitely recommend him for the self-ligating brackets course.

Dr Gerhardt is an excellent clinician and lecturer. I had the pleasure of taking his hands-on orthodontic course and I gained skills I was able to implement in my practice right away to provide a great service to my patients. He is very approachable to answer case questions and has been a wonderful mentor over the years. I highly recommend Dr Gerhardt’s course!

Dr Gerhardt is a great teacher. He shows you all the details but can also simplify it and make it practical, so you feel confident taking your skills back to the office and incorporating Ortho into your practice. Every classmate I knew in his class started Ortho cases in their offices back home. That doesn’t happen with just any course. Dr Gerhardt is the real deal!

I have been a clinical instructor and worked with Dr. Gerhardt for over 10 years. Jeffery is a very knowledgeable instructor and clinician dedicated to teaching and helping dentists incorporate orthodontics successfully into their practices.

As a general dentist I had little more than the limited orthodontic experience gained in dental school before taking Dr Gerhardt’s orthodontic course along with my staff.

The course provided us the opportunity to deliver hands on training in a real-life clinical setting supervised by his experienced team. Between the lecture and clinical portions by course completion I had gained the confidence to take on most routine orthodontic cases and with practice have expanded to accept even more complicated cases.

Dr Gerhardt is patient and genuine and has stayed in communication even now as a mentor. If you are interested in growing your practice or just learning about orthodontics, I highly recommend you give his course a chance.

Adding orthodontics to my practice has allowed me to add a service that parents, and patients wanted. I first learned from a Canadian dentist then 2 yr. course with USDI. But as I did ortho, it felt like I needed a hands-on course. So glad to have signed up to learn from Dr. Gerhardt with his hands on course. I got to learn his system, methods, and his tools.

Like learning most things, it’s the practice and repetition that one needs in order to get really proficient. With each clinic session, there are scheduled patients for me but in addition, I could review and learn from all the other students’ scheduled patients. It was very exciting to follow so many cases each session.

I now do ortho full time. Dr. Gerhardt has made such an impact with his willingness to share and support in helping me through my cases. If you think you want to learn ortho or your patients have been asking for ortho then Dr. Gerhardt can help you help your patients. I love that I get to be involved in helping patients smile!

My tip edge course with Dr.Gerhardt has been a unique and wonderful experience learning, and training with an amazing teacher. I realized that he is immensely knowledgeable, and passionate about teaching, and goes above and beyond to share the knowledge as well. I enjoyed this hands-on course and getting more exposure to the world of orthodontics, at the same time it has strengthened my interest in the field of orthodontics.

I can confidently say by the end of the course, we did learn more than TIP edge technique, and can easily implement the learning in our daily practice. During the course, I started the treatment on my son and with his help and guidance, am almost done with a great outcome. Dr.G has been very welcoming and always willing to answer any and all questions even after his work at his office.

I could not have been more pleased with my experience and would recommend this to anyone considering applying to this course.