Membership Benefits

Your 10 Session course includes an OTI membership for the 20-month enrollment period. Upon graduation, membership involves joining our study club, which meets quarterly via Zoom to discuss orthodontic updates and study interesting orthodontic cases.

An active membership also includes significant deals and discounts with the vendors listed below and complimentary support from our team of orthodontic instructors on cases you’re working on.

OTI Membership Vendor Discounts

Dental SuppliesOrthodontic Teaching InstituteJoin study club for $1200 per year
Dental SuppliesORTHO ARCHUp to 40% off ortho supplies
Dental SuppliesDynaflex½ off your first set of ezaligners
Dental SuppliesLares Researchabout ½ off handpiece prices
Dental SuppliesShofusavings on dental camera
Dental SuppliesUnified Smiles Buying clubjoin and get discounts from multiple vendors (example: 20% off darby products.) Regular cost about $250 per month. Get $99 per month for first 3 months. Plus they wave the $250 fee to join.
Dental EquipmentKhoi Nguyen DDS3d printers, washing station, light curing station, supplies plus training for $3500
Dental EquipmentYoung DentalMedit dental scanner (Regular $19,900, OTI member $14,000)
Dental EquipmentRenew Digital$1500 off Sirona Pano/Ceph ($26,500)
Dental EquipmentCapital Dental EquipmentNew Pano/Ceph. Regular $47,900 OTI members $37,995. Refurbished $24000-29000
Dental EquipmentHewitt Dental50% off first hour of repairs, 10% after, plus discounts on equipment sales
Other ServicesDolphin ImagingCeph tracing program (Reg. $2995, OTI price $2495)
Other ServicesDental MaverickTeaching dental Management ($500 off any class)
Other ServicesGray & AssociatesDiscounts on accounting and financial services
Other ServicesVertech10% off any computer or support phone service over $100 (about 70% of their clients are Dentists)
Other ServicesPrecise Orthodontic Lab10% off your first month lab bill
Other ServicesSpark Clear AlignersDiscount on all Spark cases for 3 months. Unlimited case $999, 20 aligners/arch $799, 10 aligners/arch $679