Why OTI?

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The Orthodontic Teaching Institute, Inc., founded by Dr. Jeffery Gerhardt, is an organization providing comprehensive orthodontic continuing education training (both didactic and clinical hands-on), mentoring, and networking opportunities to general dentists and non-orthodontic specialists who practice, or wish to practice, orthodontics. We are committed to providing a standard of excellence in orthodontic education and helping dentists create beautiful smiles.

The right training experience can give a dentist more confidence when they begin a new orthodontic program. It can also help embed the knowledge they need to continue using this new skill long after it was acquired. With that in mind, Dr. Jeffery Gerhardt, DDS and Dr. Steve Snodell, DDS, MS (Orthodontic Specialist) provide didactic orthodontic instruction and clinical hands-on training with real patients. Each has more than twenty-five years of experience educating dental professionals on orthodontic subjects. By working with you directly and providing guidance as you treat patients instead of models, they prepare you to confidently add orthodontic services using self-ligating brackets to your practice. You will keep more patients in-house in more circumstances, and you can add $15,000 in monthly production to your practice by starting just 3 cases per month!

Comparison of Fixed Orthodontic CoursesOrthodontic Teaching Institute
10 Session (134 hours) Ortho Course
Academy of GP Orthodontics
12-Session Ortho Course
American Orthodontic Society
2.5 day (20 hour) Basic Straight Wire Course
Gerety Orthodontic Seminars
5 Session (100 hour) Series
Progressive Orthodontics Seminars
Twelve 4 day Seminars
Tuition?$12,995$16,490 [i]
(includes 2 years membership in Academy)
$5995 [ii]
(for 2.5 day course)
$5995 [iii]$18,000 [iv]
(12 four day seminars)
18 month interest free financing available?
(12 months)

(8 months)

Not mentioned on website
Does the course include lecture & a hands-on clinic, where dentists treat real course patients with direct instructor oversight?
If there is a hands-on component, does each pair of dentists treat 6 to 8 patients in clinic (braces on to braces off)?# of patients not mentioned on website
Is the course co-instructed by an Orthodontic Specialist?
Does course teach self-ligating brackets, with bonus instruction on other brackets (e.g., mini-twins) & clear aligners?
(Course teaches Tip Edge brackets only)
Does the hands-on clinic include any clear aligner patients ?
(Course uses Tip Edge brackets)
Are the brackets taught in course available from multiple vendors?
(Tip Edge brackets only available from TP Orthodontics)
Does the course teach hands-on ortho over 20 months (braces on to braces off)?
Self-ligating brackets finish on average 4 months earlier, so dentists complete advanced cases in 20 months instead of 24 [v]

(24 months because course uses Tip Edge brackets)
Does the course also include a vendor list for discounts on products and services?
(only if pay for separate membership in Academy)

(only if pay for AOS membership)

Not mentioned on website

Not mentioned on website

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