Distalizing Upper Molars

JAOS distalizing upper molars

In practice, we often run into a problem in which the upper molars have drifted mesially and blocks out either the upper canine or second bicuspid teeth. The molars can move forward due to the early loss of a primary molar, delayed eruption of an adult bicuspid or a dentalalveolar issue.

In the case of blocked out teeth, the dentist has to make the decision of trying to distalize the effected molar or extracting a tooth to create space. Over the years, we have tried several techniques for distalizing molars. They include:

1. Open coil springs which push off the anterior teeth to distalize the molars. The problem with this technique is that it often requires the patient to wear strong Class II elastics to counter the anterior force of the open coiled spring. If the patient does not wear their elastics, the anterior tooth procline instead of the molars distalizing.
2. Various open-coiled spring appliances which push off the palate like a Nance appliance to distalize the molars instead of using the anterior teeth as…